What is Cloud Backup?

But what exactly is cloud back up and why is it paramount to your business?

Cloud backup is the process of sending a copy of a file (virtual or physical) to a second location off-site, so as to ensure that if the worst happens -be it flood, fire, virus or hardware failure, your data is kept safe and secure -and available. Your business continuity assurance if you will.

Place yourself at the centre of an unenviable situation; a virus is downloaded by an employee and is quickly spreading, or sensitive emails are accidently deleted -having a cloud backup solution would negate any significant business downtime or burden.  Therefore, cloud backups should be firmly placed at the centre of a ‘best-practice’ IT model.

Private Cloud Co is your solutions provider for the ‘what if’ of data protection.

How exactly does it work?

There are two general options when choosing cloud backup: public cloud back up and private cloud back up.

Public cloud via platforms such as Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure is simply writing your data onto the public cloud provider. Whilst security is assured with public cloud, the support and integrity of the data being backed up is not.

Here at Private Cloud Co, as our name suggests, our data is stored in Australian private Tier 3 data centres -allowing for a superior level of security and access speeds.

The distinction of backing up to a private cloud, using a hosted server, is the simplicity, accessibility, and scalability -with the control of usage always in the clients’ hands.

So, which option is best?

This depends entirely on your business needs -but put simply, should the worst happen -which option would provide the most reliable, high performing and low-latency data recovery path for your business continuity?

Generally, for those businesses after the prized trio of privacy, high performance, and high security -private cloud back up offers the best solution.