Virtual Machine Services

Our virtual machine services are flexible and cost-effective

Our Virtual Machine services run in a Multitenant environment on our Dell Enterprise Servers. Unlike most other cloud providers, we keep our VM pricing simple. All you need to do is select how much vCPU and vRAM each VM needs. Your VM is then fixed at that price for that spec, and available 24×7. No hidden costs, no bill shock. All VM’s can take advantage of our local, high speed SAN storage – located in the same Data Centre, with redundant storage available in any of our other Data Centres – you choose where everything sits.

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Features of virtual machine hosting


From 1 user to 10,000 users. Using our Virtual Machines allows any size business to operate and scale up or down easily.

Simple Billing

We keep our billing very simple, so you know exactly what you’re paying for each month. There are no hidden costs or “bill-shock”, making planning easy.

Ideal for Dev Environments

Access flexible resources on demand and pay by the month, making it the perfect solution for development environments.

Advantages of virtual machine services

No lock-in contracts

Our virtual machine services are all pay-as-you-go. You can spin up and down VM’s to suit your needs.

Your choice of virtualisation platform

Choose between VMware, Red Hat or Hyper-V, any/all are available to suit your business workloads.

Never upgrade again

We look after the back-end hardare and keep it maintained, so you never have to worry about it.

Our virtual machine service partners

For our virtual machine services, we’ve chosen to standardise on the Dell Technologies stack for our servers. These C-series blades are high-performing, scalable, and resilient servers that allow us to deploy to any of our data centres quickly. 

We partner with Dell due to the competitive pricing, vast product range, and incredible after-sales service. We are confident in the Dell products from every aspect and are proud to partner with Dell Technologies.

Virtual machine service FAQs

A virtual machine host, commonly shortened to just VM, is similar to any other physical server, in that it has CPU, RAM & Storage to control your applications and files. 

The difference is how the resources are assigned, as it is all controlled and assigned by software (virtually). This allows for greater flexibility and control since the VM will reside on a high-powered physical server where we can splice up the resources where needed.

One of the benefits about partnering with us is the power of choice. You can choose to store your files in any of our data centres. If you have storage in one of our connected DC’s, you could even look to store your files there too!

To get a Virtual Machine up and running as a customer is very simple. Let us know your resource requirements (or we can help determine these with you) and we’ll do the rest!

Depending on our customer, we will either retain full control over the virtual machine for you, or hand over to you for use.

Our other hosted server solutions

Dedicated hosting

Powered by Dell, we supply you with full, affordable and secure dedicated server hosting to run your business. Running on a full Dell stack, you can rest assured of the quality and performance of your services. All hosts are Australian-based and can be provisioned quickly to meet your business needs.

Dan and the team were able to migrate our data and environment to a hosted solution, such that it can be managed by their team with multiple offsite redundancy. This was three years ago now and we couldn’t be happier with the experience.
Scott Eden - Pitcher Partners
saberVox Cloud Solutions ability to backup to the cloud for off-site storage was seen as an obvious choice for us to provide an extra level of protection in addition to our disk based backup and aging tape drive solution.
David O’Brien - Upper Hunter Shire Council
The speed in which saberVox was able to provide a solution, as well as how understanding and flexible they were to our requirements was excellent. They understood our needs and delivered a solution to best fit our organisation and our data & disaster recovery requirements
Trent Lane - McDonald Jones Homes
We have recently migrated our web hosting to Private Cloud Co powered by SaberVox. The team is fast to reply to enquiries and offer professional and helpful support. The hosted solution provided is reliable with high performance.
Adam McCarthy - Maitland City Council

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