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Hiring a server rack in Australia brings countless benefits to your organisation.

From enhanced connectivity to improved availability and access to advanced technologies, hiring a server rack in Australia is an attractive choice for organisations that want to maintain their business continuity and service accessibility.

Here’s everything you need to know about hiring a dedicated server rack in Australia.

How do Dedicated Servers Rack Hire Work?

In order to understand how dedicated server rack hiring works, let’s start by defining dedicated servers.

What is a dedicated server?

A dedicated server is basically a physical server built for the purpose of hosting services and apps for enterprises using a single hosting client. They’re designed to withstand high loads of traffic and demanding web apps. Any application that requires optimal performance and reliability would undoubtedly benefit from dedicated servers.

Being a single-tenant hosting environment, dedicated servers provide better performance and more resources than servers divided between two or more users (called multi-tenant hosting environments).

What’s more, dedicated server hosting provides you with the full capabilities of the server. It’s also more flexible since you can choose your favourite operating system and cloud platform, making dedicated servers a must-have whenever versatility is appreciated.

How much space do dedicated servers need?

Physically, dedicated servers are vastly different from non-server machines, particularly when it comes to space utilisation.

A dedicated server is designed to be mounted in data centre racks which is why they take up very little space. A dedicated server is basically a thin slab of bare metal that you can access and store within an existing cluster of servers.

What are some of the other features of dedicated servers?

In addition to occupying minimal space, dedicated servers provide enough cooling for equipment that’s prone to overheating.

They also flaunt additional high-quality hardware such as fast buses, storage systems, and more. The hardware is designed to seamlessly transfer the data across different devices.

Hiring a rack for dedicated servers means that you have owned hardware in a Tier III Data Centre. The selection range for rack space is pretty vast, meaning that you can hire rack space from 1RU all the way up to a full rack.

Colocation services also let you choose the data centre you want your hardware to be kept in. You may also install servers, storage and network hardware as desired, as well as operating systems.

Renting vs Buying a dedicated server rack: what is the best choice?

The most common question people ask when they need a dedicated server is: should I rent or buy a dedicated server rack?

Some organisations prefer to buy a dedicated server and host it using a colocation provider. Colocation provides multiple benefits, but managing the colocated server and handling technical problems is entirely the organisation’s responsibility.

Renting a dedicated server, on the other hand, offloads the maintenance and management of the server to the service provider. Even in case of hardware failure, it’s the dedicated hosting provider’s responsibility to buy and install replacement hardware.

On top of that, renting a server rack with a monthly rental fee provides you with the freedom of switching between hosting providers any time you want without having to pay exit fees.

Per contra, buying a server rack provides very little flexibility.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Dedicated Server Rack?

Here are some of the key business benefits that hiring a dedicated server rack brings to your organisation:

Better Connectivity

Data Centres provide access to high internet speeds and bandwidth, as well as redundant network paths.

Since dedicated servers are the first hosting choice, the plans often come with high monthly bandwidth limits in comparison to other hosting options. Dedicated server hosting plans are also given generous bandwidth allowances compared to other hosting options.

Unlike on-premises and private facilities, where customers are locked in with a specific vendor, a carrier-neutral colocation space has many connectivity choices that enable customers to make cabling instalments, create meet-me rooms, and utilise fibre networks.

With a colocation data centre, you’ll also be able to benefit from more than one internet service provider with cross connections and 3 layers of cloud on-ramps. You can dial the bandwidth up or down depending on your requirements, and you’ll enjoy tremendous speeds for your workloads.

Bursting Capabilities

Colocation data centres are scalable and secure, providing you with access to advanced data centre technology like compute and storage services that would otherwise be unavailable with private servers.

Everything the data centre offers is at your disposal, even though you only open one dedicated server rack in the entire data centre.

Not to mention, you won’t have to manage in-house data centres, ensuring the best possible utilisation of your resources.

Tier III Data Centres

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a server rack in a colocation server is that you get to enjoy the benefits of advanced Tier II Data Centres. Nothing comes close to what Tier III data centres are capable of in terms of uptime, fail tolerance, and outage protection.

Here’s a quick overview of the stand-out features of Tier III data centres:

  • 99.982% uptime: Tier III data centres almost never experience downtime with an uptime percentage of 99.982%.
  • N+1 fault tolerance: This means that there’s an additional component on standby that starts working during planned maintenance or when the other component fails. N here refers to the required capacity for supporting the entire load of the data centre, while +1 refers to the extra backup component on standby.
  • 72hrs+ power outage protection: Proactive backups ensure that the data centre continues operating normally for at least 72 hours after a failure or an outage.

A Tier III data centre integrates all the functionalities of Tier I and II data centres, with added benefits like:

  • Eliminating the need for shutdowns during planned maintenance sessions and equipment replacement.
  • An extra redundant distribution path is included with the redundant critical components found in Tier II facilities for power and cooling, creating minimal impact on IT operations during shutdowns and maintenance sessions.

In other words, Tier III data centres are designed to allow maintenance while keeping your services available for your customers. This is made possible with dual power supplies attached to multiple UPS units, so if one UPS unit goes offline, network connectivity and servers remain intact.

By the same token, a redundant cooling system keeps temperature and humidity inside the data centre under full control in case a cooling unit stops working.

Further, Tier 3 data centres are built to industry standards, guaranteeing to provide customers with high-quality power, space, and cooling for customers.

They’re also designed to accommodate the compute and storage capacity requirements of the customers, particularly large enterprises that keep and manage large amounts of data.

However, keep in mind that Tier III data centres aren’t 100% fail-tolerant since they often rely on components outside the data centre, such as external cooling systems and power feeds.

Centralise Equipment

Keeping your equipment in one place enables you to make your services accessible all the time.

Having your equipment spread out in various remote locations means that you won’t be able to act quickly in uncertain situations. That’s not the case with Tier III data centres; your equipment will always be stored in one place within close proximity to your company’s headquarters.

Why Choose Private Cloud Co to Host Your Cloud Servers?

Choosing Private Cloud Co as your hosting partner is the best way to guarantee reliable hosting for your cloud servers.

As a Public Cloud Co customer in the Asia Pacific region, you enjoy the following benefits:

World Class Data Centre Network

At Private Cloud Co, we utilise Tier III data centres that guarantee the following benefits:

  • 99.982% guaranteed availability
  • N+1 fault tolerance
  • 72 hours of protection from power outages
  • <1.6 hours of downtime per annum

Further, our data centre network supports automation. Automated provisioning maximises speed and agility for our data centres by eliminating redundant tasks. With a modern networking platform, our networks are programmed efficiently and the workloads are balanced.

We also maintain consistent policies throughout our data centre network, ensuring full transparency for our customers.

In addition, Private Cloud Co enables you to manage your resources in a single pane of glass, making it easier to know what’s happening with your data. You also get complete visibility over the network and its interconnections. Moreover, we implement granular security with integrated security controls to meet the varying security requirements of our customers.

Local Data Centres

Hiring a server rack in a colocated data centre in Australia ensures that your data and cloud infrastructure are as close as possible to you. By keeping your data within the borders of Australia, data residency, sovereignty, security, and availability are guaranteed.

Also, in case of unexpected hardware failure, you can monitor the situation up close and even be present on-site. With other providers, your data may reside in data centres located anywhere in the world.

Speed and Security

Utilising an outsourced private cloud means that your critical infrastructure is protected all the time. Thanks to multiple high-speed links provided by Private Cloud Co, your data remains accessible round the clock. This also means that your customers can use your services with no interruptions.

No Hidden Costs

Hiring a server rack in Australia with Private Cloud Co comes with a clear pricing structure that doesn’t include any hidden costs or fees. You only need to pay a fixed subscription fee that remains the same every month.

Our solutions are also scalable, so if you want to scale up or back your connectivity requirements, you can just contact us to adjust your plan accordingly.

Tailored Storage Solutions

With Private Cloud Co, your company goals are more reachable than ever.

Being one of the most established private cloud service providers in Australia, we’ve set up multiple strategic partnerships with leading enterprise storage vendors, enabling us to offer fast and reliable storage services that cater to your organisation’s specific needs.

At Which Locations Can I Rent Australian Dedicated Servers Racks?

Below is a list of locations where you can rent dedicated Australia server racks. 

Adelaide Data Centre

Public Cloud Co’s Point of Interconnect enables organisations in Adelaide to access the Private Cloud Co network of Tier III data centres with high availability and safety considerations.

Brisbane Data Centre

Public Cloud Co ensures an uninterrupted customer experience and business continuity for Brisbane-based organisations, specifically in industries such as public sector administration, tourism, and financial services.

Canberra Data Centre

Boasting an economy that’s heavily reliant on public administration and safety, Canberra’s organisations can access Public Cloud Co’s Tier III data centre network with a local Point of Interconnect.

Dubbo Data Centre

Public Cloud Co lets you enjoy a locally owned Dubbo Tier III data centre with a dedicated team that provides a great customer support experience, so you can maintain close proximity to your data and decide between the versatile hardware choices for your connectivity requirements.

Melbourne Data Centre

With a Point of Interconnect in Melbourne, businesses from the Melbourne CBD and throughout Victoria can benefit from reliable and consistent access to our Tier III data centre network.

Newcastle Data Centre

By providing consistent access to direct cloud connectivity in Newcastle, NSW-based businesses can benefit from our leading-edge data centres, particularly in the steelworks, heavy industry, and coal mining industries.

Perth Data Centre

Famous for being the country’s mining and construction hub, you can enjoy reliable and safe access to the Private Cloud Co data centre with our Point of Interconnect for your organisation in Perth.

Sydney Data Centre

By having access to data centres that meet standard environmental and energy requirements in Sydney, you’ll be able to benefit from high performance for your systems while maintaining sustainability.

Tamworth Data Centre

Tamworth and other regional locations are often neglected by international public cloud providers, but with Tier III data centres, you can now offer fast and secure connectivity for your customers.

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