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Our hosted servers enable your business to succeed

If you are starting a new business, your business is growing, or it’s multisite, or many other things, then hosting your Servers in the cloud may be the right solution for you. Our Australian-based Hosted Server options are smart, flexible and cost-effective to enable your business to achieve its goals.

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Our Hosted Server Solutions

Dedicated Hosting

Most large businesses will have the need for high compute, this is where our Dedicated Server Hosting comes into play. Your IT team will have full control over a dedicated server host to run your business IT infrastructure. This Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model is scalable and cost effective.

Dedicated Hosting

Most large businesses will have the need for high compute, this is where our Dedicated Server Hosting comes into play. Your IT team will have full control over a dedicated server host to run your business IT infrastructure. This Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model is scalable and cost effective.

Virtual Machine Hosting

Our Hosted Virtual Machines are perfect for small-medium businesses, or any company with the need for small hosted data solutions. With the ability to spin up VM’s in any of our Australian-based secure Data Centres, we offer your business cost-effective and reliable hosting solutions.

Virtual Machine Hosting

Our Hosted Virtual Machines are perfect for small-medium businesses, or any company with the need for small hosted data solutions. With the ability to spin up VM’s in any of our Australian-based secure Data Centres, we offer your business cost-effective and reliable hosting solutions.

Harness the benefits of our hosted servers

no bill shock

Our cloud hosting solutions are designed to meet your business requirements. All costs are known, and there is no bill shock. Our invoices are easy to read so you always know what you’re paying for.

24/7 Availability

While other data centre hosting providers may need to switch off your servers outside of business hours to save on costs, our hosted servers are priced in such a way that you don’t need to think about when you can and can’t use your own stuff.


All our hosted infrastructure is located in Australia, in Australian-owned Private Data Centres. We have several locations and point of interconnection across the country – with more locations being added all the time.

Hosted Server Features


All our Infrastructure is run and maintained by us, with 24/7 support warranties to ensure our hardware is always running at peak efficiency.

Bolstered by Dell

We’ve chosen to partner with Dell Technologies to power our cloud offering. Sporting the latest Dell hardware, our hosted servers are fast and dependable.

Backed by Humans

Our team of highly skilled cloud architects design and support our hosted infrastructure. They know our environment like the back of their hand.

Cloud hosting FAQs

Dedicated servers typically mean a server box, solely dedicated to one business. All resources within that Server are available for use. A virtual hosted server sits in a “multi-tenant” environment, where the resources are shared securely among many customers. The resources you have available are only those that you pay for. Virtual hosted servers are less costly, and they even provide more flexibility over dedicated servers. However, performance-wise, they are far behind dedicated hosting options.

Dedicated servers, on the other hand, provide a better performance, making them ideal for resource-hungry workloads. Dedicated hosting lets you configure the server’s hardware to match your requirements, something that you don’t get with virtual hosted servers.

This will depend on the business requirement. If you only need short-term hosting or just a few low-spec servers – virtual machines may be the right solution. If you have the need for long-term or high computing power, dedicated servers make the most
cost-effective solution.

With dedicated hosting, the whole server is available for you, so you get more control over it. For example, you can install and configure hardware and software. Since virtual machine hosting provides a virtualised environment that’s shared among multiple users and runs on top of a physical host machine, you don’t get the same level of control as with dedicated hosting. But it's more flexible and can be easily resized and backed up.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, meaning that you subscribe to a VPS provider to provide your server infrastructure so you don’t have to worry about hardware. It's a hosting service that provides a virtualised environment with private resources on a
server used by more than one user. In other words, a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers with dedicated operating systems and resources that operate as separate servers.

One of the advantages of VPS server hosting is that it offers many of the benefits of dedicated hosting at reduced costs. These include:

  • Installing and configuring your own operating system and software
  • Customising the resources of your VPS (memory, storage, etc)

VPS hosting also provides numerous benefits over shared hosting, such as better performance and security, root access, scalability, and more control and resources. This places VPS hosting right in the middle between shared and dedicated hosting.

If you need more resources and control than what shared hosting offers, but don’t necessarily require the computing horsepower of dedicated servers, VPS hosting can be an efficient and cost-effective solution for you.

A dedicated server is a physical machine with no virtualisation layers, while a virtual private server is a virtual machine that's based on top of a physical host.

Dedicated server hosting might be a better option for your organisation if you need:

  • Better performance
  • Customised configurations such as RAID and multiple disks
  • More control over the hardware of the server.

On the other hand, a virtual private server is more affordable. It’s also easier and less costly to scale than dedicated servers.

In short, dedicated hosting is intended for mature projects with resource-intensive workloads, while VPS hosting is more suited for smaller projects.

The main advantage of dedicated hosting over shared hosting is that the server’s resources, which include CPU, storage, and RAM, aren’t shared with other customers. This provides better reliability, performance, uptime, and speed.

What’s more, dedicated servers give you complete control over the applications and scripts that run on the server, eliminating the potential security threats that could arise from other users’ applications.

The term “bare metal server” is just another word for “dedicated server” to highlight that it’s a physical server, not a virtual one. A bare metal server serves one user, who can also optimise and configure it based on their security, reliability, and performance requirements.

In a hypervisor or virtual server, more than one tenant utilises the server’s resources. Another difference is that, on bare metal servers, the operating system is installed directly, enabling users to get the best possible performance out of their servers by
eliminating layers.

You may run bare metal servers in your own data centres or colocation centres. Alternatively, you can partner with a managed service provider on a subscription basis.

All of our cloud servers are located in Australian data centres. Our data centres are geographically distributed across Australia, with convenient locations near you. You can choose the location of the data centre during the server setup process.

To get a high performance from your hosted servers, consider these steps:

  • Monitor resource usage: What’s using your server’s resources? How much of your server’s RAM, CPU, and disk are utilised? This should help you reallocate resource usage across your workloads.
  • Optimize your database: Check if your database is indexed properly and that you’re using a suitable storage engine for each of your workloads. A caching layer can also be beneficial in making database queries faster, which ultimately leads to less overloaded servers,
  • Clean your code: Using a profiler, you can test the quality of your code and locate opportunities for improvements that will directly affect your server’s performance.
  • Keep your servers updated: Always make sure that your servers are updated to the latest software releases to optimise performance and keep your systems secure.
  • Upgrade your server when needed: We let you to configure your servers based on your performance requirements. Usually, upgrading your server’s resources to a higher tier is worth considering if your server’s resources are at maximum capacity most of the time.

The cost of running a dedicated server varies significantly based on your storage and performance requirements. Generally speaking, dedicated hosting starts at $100 for lower-performing servers with less RAM and monthly bandwidth. The cost increases incrementally as you consider higher-performing hardware choices.

At Private Cloud Co, we provide flexible storage capacity options that let you configure your server depending on your storage requirements. We also let you choose between using our enterprise-grade SAN’s or colocating your own storage.

To set up your hosted servers, choose the server you want to use and assign a name for it. Then, choose the operating system and the data centre location you prefer. After that, you just need to add an admin Username and password. We also provide a control panel that you can use to easily manage your hosted servers.

Our hosted servers integrate Dual Xeon processors with 192GB or 512GB RAM with Dual 10GbE ports. This is the standard setup, but you can customise the server’s hardware configuration if needed.

Fully managed servers are servers that are installed, managed, supported, and administrated by a managed service provider. Fully-managed servers are subscription-based, and unlike self-managed servers, they don’t require any technical knowledge, which means less work for your IT team.

Typically, the service provider lets you rent a bare metal server, and from there, they’ll handle everything needed to keep the server running at optimal levels, including software updates, security patches, and operating systems.

Our dedicated servers are pre-built and ready to use with just a few clicks. So, once you place an order, expect your server to be up and running within 20-30 minutes. For custom servers, there could be a slight delay of up to 3 days. The reason is that custom servers require more time to be configured based on your performance requirements.

Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about the expected turnaround time for custom servers.

Yes, dedicated hosting guarantees 100% uptime. Our data centres are interconnected with a resilient network that triggers an automated failover process whenever an outage or system interruption occurs, ensuring that your servers are available all the time.

Our network is one of the largest in the Asia Pacific region, and because our data centres are connected to local ISPs, we can easily find a workaround to tackle potential upstream problems and reroute traffic from one location to another.

Anti-DDoS is a physical protection layer that prevents cyberattacks from breaching your network. Dedicated servers that support anti-DDoS protection are more secure.

By default, our dedicated servers come with anti-DDoS protection to protect your servers from malicious threats and other cyber attacks. Anti-DDoS protection also maintains service availability even during unexpected demand spikes.

We provide 24/7 support for all our hosting options. In the rare occasion when you experience a network issue or service interruption, we’ll be glad to assist you to solve it as quickly as possible.

However, please keep in mind that support for software and operating systems is limited to self-managed servers. If you require dedicated support and managed services, you can opt for fully managed servers with unlimited service requests.

Our hosted server partners

For our hosting solutions, we’ve chosen to standardise on the Dell Technologies stack for our hosted servers. These C-series blades are high-performing, scalable, and resilient servers that allow us to deploy to any of our data centres quickly.

We partner with Dell due to the competitive pricing, vast product range, and incredible after-sales service. We are confident in the Dell products from every aspect and are proud to partner with Dell Technologies.

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