Dedicated Server Hosting

Benefits of dedicated server hosting

Dedicated Resources

CPU & RAM are 100% dedicated to your workloads.

Full Control & access

You have complete control over your server environment with 24×7 access.

Licensing options

Either bring your own existing licenses or subscribe through us.


Quickly and easily scale into our multi tenant VM’s or more dedicated hosts.

Storage Options

You have the ability to colocate your own storage or use our enterprise-grade SAN’s.

Our dedicated server hosting features

Full control of the server

With our dedicated hosts, you will have access to your server 24×7 and always have full control over the software and functionality.

Built for performance

Our main dedicated hosting options consist of Dual Xeon processors with 192GB or 512GB RAM with Dual 10GbE ports (custom options available).

Scale up or scale out

With the ability to increase physical resources in your hosts, as well as adding more in the same or geo-separate locations, it’s incredibly easy to scale to your business needs.

Our dedicated server hosting partners

For our dedicated hosting solution we’ve chosen to standardise on the Dell Technologies stack for our hosted servers. These C-series blades are high-performing, scalable and resilient servers that allow us to deploy to any of our data centres quickly. 

We partner with Dell due to the competitive pricing, vast product range and incredible after-sales service. We are confident in the Dell products from every aspect and are proud to partner with Dell Technologies.

Dedicated server hosting FAQs

Dedicated hosting is different to shared (or multi tenant) hosting due to the hardware being dedicated solely to one customer. The entire resources of each dedicated server are available for use, as opposed to being shared amongst other customers.

A dedicated hosting service is where your cloud service provider subscribes out server and/or storage to a business. The back end networking and hardware is maintained by the service provider.

Yes. You are free to splice up your dedicated host in as many VM’s/Containers as you wish, as long as you are licensed correctly.

Our other hosted server solutions

Virtual machine hosting

Sometimes your workload may not require the resources of a dedicated host, or you need to burst out from an existing host. This is where our Virtual machines come in handy. Find out more about our other hosted data solutions.

Data Centre Locations