Data Colocation

Benefits of our colocation services

Better Connectivity

Data Centres have access to high-bandwidth, high speed, redundant network paths.

Bursting capabilities

Colocating with Private Cloud Co allows you to easily access our compute and storage services.

Tier III Data Centres

Enjoy all the benefits of a Tier III Data Centre such as; 99.982% uptime, N+1 fault tolerance, 72hrs+ power outage protection.

Centralise equipment

House your mission critical equipment in a centralised location to provide highly accessible services to your business.

Colocation FAQs

Server colocation is simply housing your organisations servers, storage, networking or security hardware in a purpose-built data centre. 

Colocating allows you to centralise your IT infrastructure to provide better connectivity, higher security and redundancy.

A colocation provider is a Service Provider who can subscribe space in the racks of data centres.

This provider is responsible for the physical building, physical security, climate control and power redundancy.

Colocation costs are based on how much rack space you require. There may be additional charges for large power-draw appliances and networking costs depending on requirements.

We offer competitive colocation rates from as little as 1RU. Please contact us for pricing specific to your needs.

Our colocation partners


For over 10 years, Countrytell DC’s have been the first choice for Newcastle and the Hunter’s leading businesses. With an enviable track record of reliability, and as the only manned data centre in the Hunter Region, Countrytell DC’s offer a broad range of connectivity services on their network as well as providing multi-carrier options from Vocus, Telstra and Optus.

Leading Edge Data Centres

Leading Edge DC’s are Tier III Data Centres across regional NSW, providing regional towns with a greater choice and access to a fast, reliable and a cost-effective network. By building a network of highly connected data centres, this will enable faster application performance spanning across many industries such as content hosting, IoT data processing, Smart Cities, deployment of 5G, digital mapping, AgriTech, autonomous machinery, telehealth and more.


Equinix are the world’s most expansive, secure and sustainable data centre platform, owning and operating a network of 220+ International Business Exchange (IBX) data centees located in 63 major metros around the world to make interconnection easy.


Vocus are specialists in fibre and network solutions, being Australia’s fourth-largest telco, they have national and global reach, offering secure solutions that are trusted by Government and carry local 24×7 support.

Colocation data centres