Cloud Connectivity

Our cloud connectivity method

Step 1 - Determine the Needs

We discuss what links you currently have and what the end goal of your cloud services are.

Step 2 - Collate Options

If a new/upgraded link is required, we reach out to our partners who will provide options on the new links.

Step 3 - Work with Providers

Once a link provider and link type has been selected, we work with the provider to ensure all connects correctly and works with the cloud services you’ve chosen.

Cloud connectivity FAQs

Yes! We’re provider agnostic so you can select your favourite provider.

Yes! While responsibility still falls with the provider, we can roll it into one bill to assist with accounts

This answer will depend on your cloud infrastructure. We work with you to determine what is required to meet your goals

Our cloud connectivity partners

We partner with leading cloud connectivity providers such as Countrytell, Vocus and Telstra to provide our customers with the best connection and the best price.

Data Centre Locations