Backup/Archive Storage

Benefits of backup/archive storage

Air-gapped solution

Backup data is completely separate from your primary environment, making is much harder to be infected by ransomware.

Multiple Locations

Ability to store backups in multiple locations for additional redundancy.


No more relying on people to remember to take home the USB Hard Drive.

Core features of backup/archive storage

Optimised for Backups

Backup and restore your data quickly.


Your backups are stored in a physically separate location to your primary data.

Near infinite scale

With several Petabytes of data always at the ready, we ensure your backup data will never hit full capacity.

"By using Private Cloud Co, we are supporting our regional areas too"

Our Council needed to complement our in-house Veeam backup with an offsite cloud backup strategy that was simple to setup. Private Cloud Co and SaberVox made the process easy, and we were up and running in no time. There were no complicated licensing or storage requirements, and they were helpful with any setup questions we had. The bonus is by using Private Cloud Co we are supporting our regional areas too.

Justin Hellmuth - Gwydir Shire Council

Our backup/archive storage partners

Our backup/archive storage partner of choice is Dell Technologies. Their SAN technology is industry-leading for backup storage and integrates seamlessly with Veeam Cloud Connect.

Backup/archive storage FAQs

As long as you like! There are no limits on data retention with our storage, simply add more to retain longer.

We have storage locations in Sydney, Newcastle, Tamworth & Dubbo. You select where your backups will sit.

We use Dell Data Domains for our Archive Storage. This technology is optimised for fast and secure backups and data recoveries.

Any! You can BYO software to perform your backups

We’re a Veeam Cloud Connect target, so backing up with Veeam is super quick and easy to setup!

Our backup/archive storage is optimised for backups. Disaster Recovery solutions should use our Production Storage

Other data storage solutions

Production Storage

For Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions check out our Production SAN Storage. This provides lightning-fast storage to recover your business operations quickly.

Data Centre Locations