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Through the years, Tamworth has built a reputation in the meat and food processing industry. But the city has developed a strong economy, thanks to its robust local economy and the diverse job market.

According to .id community, Tamworth has a gross regional product of $3.56 billion, with Health Care and Social Assistance being the largest industry by employment. from the city’s 30,725 employed professionals as of 2021.

Tamworth is an example of a city that has adapted to the changes of time through the various jobs it provides residents. The same should be for your business—you must go with edge data centers in regional Australia for better connectivity and maximum efficiency.

Why use a Tamworth data centre?

From the start of the cloud era, regional locations like Tamworth have been disregarded by international public cloud vendors. But with Tier III data centres now available for businesses like yours in the area, you can finally provide your customers with fast and reliable connectivity.

Tamworth businesses can enjoy dedicated digital infrastructure from a data centre network near your location. The proximity helps you manage your resources properly and receive direct support from a local data centre operator for issues and concerns.

What services does the data center offer?

Private Cloud Co provides Tamworth and New South Wales businesses with a regional edge network that puts them at an advantage in the market. Below are the digital infrastructure services that its edge data centers offer:
There are two 24/7-available hosting services to choose from. Virtual machine hosting is ideal for startups looking for cost-efficient ways to run their operations. Dedicated hosting is for enterprises that want to give their IT staff full control over their infrastructures.
Run your customer-facing apps using Private Cloud Co’s Tier II data centres for scalability and expandability. Or you can use our SAN storage to create secure backup data for your business easily and recover them just as quickly in case of emergencies.
Enjoy better connectivity without the hassle of hardware upkeep and maintenance. Run your hardware using our rack spaces using Tier 3 data centres to unleash your business’s cloud computing capabilities and host them all in a single and secure location.

Connect your business to the best cloud connectivity partners, regardless of brand, to ensure high-performing connectivity and security in your business. Our team of engineers helps analyse your business for links that need updating and replacing to sustain—if not improve—performance.

Server Racks

Where is the data centre located?

We house our enterprise Compute & Storage out of the Leading Edge Data Centres in Tamworth NSW. With multiple 10GbE backhauls available, operating out of Tier III facilities, our customers’ compute and data is secure and available.

Powered by Leading Edge Data Centres

Leading Edge Data Centre (LEDC) is Australia’s first regional Tier III Data Centre provider, bringing cloud and improved connectivity to regional Australia. Being carrier agnostic, Leading Edge Data Centres creates a competitive marketplace, deploys mission-critical low latency infrastructure in strategic locations, creates new backhaul access, redundant fibre and a dark fibre network.

Leading Edge Data Centres’ mission is to provide Regional Australian businesses and communities with access to leading edge facilities – stable, reliable, and cost-effective connectivity.

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