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Perth is largely associated with mining and construction. As an $80.1 billion economy, $3.8 billion comes from construction projects. 40% of the economic output comes from the Mining industry, followed at a distant second by Professional, Scientific & Technical Services with 12%.

However, don’t discount the latter industry just yet, as the city has provided a place for programs and incubators to help technology-focused startups launch their ideas off the ground here.

And what better way for them and other businesses to get the most out of their performance than accessing their data centre from Perth?

Access our Data Centers from Perth

Our Point of Interconnect in Perth means that organisations in the Perth CBD and across WA can maintain safe, high availability, resilient access to the Private Cloud Co data centre network.

What Services do Private Cloud Co offer?

We at Private Cloud Co have modular data centres to provide clients direct access located in Western Australia with optimal connectivity and support to ensure their business’ success and yours.

Our Tier 3 data centres have SAN storage and use INFINIDAT and Dell Powerstore, allowing us to provide both energy efficiency and excellent varied cloud computing services that will fulfil all your business needs.

Below are the data centre services we offer to help you achieve these goals:

Not all businesses are the same, but they do need a reliable hosting provider with 24/7 availability and transparent pricing to eliminate data centre bill shock. Private Cloud Co lets you choose between its virtual machine hosting (for small businesses looking for cost-effective solutions to manage their operators) and dedicated hosting (for big businesses looking for complete control over their IT infrastructure).
Your data’s integrity must be a priority in any data centre. We are fully aware of this, which is why our Cloud-based STaaS gives you the power to utilize our storage to get the most out of your data. Our production storage provides your customers with high-speed connectivity with your software for gathering data. Our backup storage allows you to create a secure data archive that you can pull out anytime for business continuity.
Set up your IT hardware through our data centres with rack spaces from 1RU to a full rack, depending on your business needs. We give you control to install servers and network hardware so you can provide your team and customers with all the resources they need to succeed. You can guarantee that your equipment is safe with us and highly accessible thanks to its central location.
We are carrier-neutral when suggesting cloud connectivity partners to our customers to access the data centre. We simply want a best in class solution for you, so you benefit from better-performing connectivity, resulting in more efficient businesses.
Server Racks

How do I access the services?

via Point of Interconnect from the Perth CBD –

Most data centres make the mistake of allowing traffic between your on-premises networks to travel on the public internet. This increases the chances that your traffic from Perth will slow down, with the potential to drop completely.

With Perth Cloud Interconnect, our data centres use a dedicated connection to your traffic. This way, you can enjoy faster, reliable, and uninterrupted connectivity across all aspects of your business.

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