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Melbourne has the most diverse and vibrant population in all of Australia. As of 2016, the greater Melbourne area has an average age of 28 among almost 4.96 million residents, with the 18-24 age group being the largest at 27.6% (followed by 25-34 at 25.7%). Also, 56% of residents are born overseas, while Mandarin is the most spoken language (aside from English) at 19%.

The city offers excellent diversity and shows the interconnectedness of people all across the globe. As a thriving business capital, access to high quality cloud computing services is paramount if Melbourne is to maintain its competitive advantage.

Access our Data Centers from Melbourne

Our Point of Interconnect in Melbourne means that organisations from the Melbourne CBD and across Victoria can maintain safe, high availability, resilient access from their site to the Private Cloud Co data centre network.

What Services do Private Cloud Co offer?

We at Private Cloud Co are providing services from our data centre for businesses like yours looking to ramp up their cloud computing resources from a power and connectivity perspective.

Our data centre engineers provide you with the infrastructure to support your diverse needs and stay connected with your customers and employees at all times.

Below are the data centre services we offer:

Your business needs a cost-efficient and effective data center to help your IT execute its strategy and achieve its objectives. Our hosted dedicated hosting or virtual machine hosting both have 24/7 availability to ensure that your customers can reach you anytime. As a subscription-based service, there’s no bill shock, so your company will know how much you’re paying when the data centre bill arrives.
Our Cloud-based STaaS caters to clients and providers running customer-facing software or needing a backup plan for their business data from the data centre site. Our production storage utilises the best technologies from our data center network area to provide your company and customers with reliable app service. Our archive storage uses technology that ensures business continuity across all organisations.
Our various rack spaces (from 1RU to full rack) in our secure Tier 3 data centre allows you to store your colocation services. You also choose what to install, depending on what your customers want from the data centre site. From here, you can provide better connectivity to users through redundant paths and manage your business more efficiently with a centralised location for all your data.
Improve your business’s interconnectivity and diversity through our cloud connectivity to the data centre. We analyse your links with third-party services and providers and determine which among those need changing. Our provider-agnostic approach allows us to suggest links from the best partners most compatible with your organisation.
Server Racks

How do I access the services?

Via our purpose built Point of Interconnect from Melbourne’s CBD –

To ensure that your mission-critical applications receive the resources they require to run smoothly, you need Private Cloud Co’s data centres for its Cloud Interconnect service.

Normally, traffic between your on-premises network and a data centre site runs through the public internet from anywhere in the country, which results in disrupted and dropped connections. With our Cloud Interconnect, traffic passes through our Melbourne data centre with a safe and secure connection for low latency and maximum availability.

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