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As the third most populous city in Australia, Brisbane being one of the major business hubs of the country shouldn’t come as a surprise. According to the Brisbane City Council, It has approximately 130,000 registered businesses, 758,000 labourers, and 70% of its population is of working age.

The city has long been known for its seaports, but white-collar industries (financial services, public sector administration) and tourism have also laid the groundwork for its strong economy.
And to have an economy that provides its community with jobs working for world-class organisations, access is needed to data centres that enables businesses to store, retrieve, and deliver information at a click of a button.

This is where the Private Cloud Co data centres network comes into play. They ensure business continuity and uninterrupted customer support so you can focus on delivering value to your customers.

Access our Data Centers from Brisbane

Our Point of Interconnect in Brisbane means that organisations in the Brisbane CBD and across the sunshine state can maintain safe, high availability, resilient access to the Private Cloud Co data centre network.

What Services do Private Cloud Co offer?

Australia’s leading data center provides businesses like yours with critical infrastructure to help support your growth, protect your data, and scale it even further. Below are services companies from all levels can use.
Choose between our virtual machine hosting for startups and small businesses or dedicated hosting for bigger businesses looking for enterprise solutions to their data needs. Both enable you to scale your hosting depending on your data power consumption—get more storage space with a few clicks once your business starts surging forward.
Leverage cloud computing’s power using third-party services that link to your business and simplify—if not automate—your business. Private Cloud Co will first scan your links to see if there are outdated links that need replacing. We don’t favour any provider—we will choose the best ones to link to you so you can get the most out of your business.
Lease compute and computer storage to your customers by getting rack space from our Tier 3 data centres. You get all the benefits of high-speed network paths without personally managing the equipment.

Suppose your business provides software solutions to users. In that case, production storage allows you access to the industry’s best data centre technologies to offer their clients high-speed access to the data and information they need.

For high-security purposes, you want backup storage that keeps your company and customer data safe. Private Cloud Co creates data redundancies by strong encryption in different secure data centers and has physical security so you can restore and get your business back up in no time.

Server Racks

How do I access the services?

Our Cloud Interconnect service provides low-latency, high-availability connections, allowing you to transfer data from your network to Private Cloud Co’s and back in confidence.

The best thing about Cloud Interconnect is that traffic between your network and ours doesn’t travel the public internet. By going through a dedicated connection, your traffic takes fewer hops, which means fewer chances of your traffic getting dropped or disrupted.

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