5 Ways an MSP can Accelerate your Business

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) can help your company grow by providing a range of services, including ‘always-on’ tech support, IT security, and cloud services -which help streamline processes.

How to Choose a Cloud Service Provider

With more and more organisations adopting cloud computing technologies and digital transformation strategies, cloud services have become ubiquitous for businesses of all sizes.

Server Rack Hire Australia

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Hiring a server rack in Australia brings countless benefits to your organisation. From enhanced connectivity to improved availability and access to advanced technologies, hiring a server rack in Australia is an attractive choice for organisations that want to maintain their business continuity and service accessibility. Here’s everything you need to know about hiring a dedicated … Read more

Cloud Connectivity

Private Cloud Co Connectivity

With several different cloud connectivity methods available these days it’s hard to know which one suits you. We’re here to help guide you and help you make an informed decision.

Data Colocation

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If you have your own hardware and colocation services in a secure Tier 3 Data Centre, we can provide rack space from 1RU up to a full rack (and anywhere in between). You get to choose which Data Centre your hardware is stored in.

Our colocation service allows you to install Servers, Storage and Network hardware within any of our Tier 3 Data Centres. From space as little as 1RU all the way up to a full rack, you can be confident that your equipment is safe with us.

Backup/Archive Storage

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Our Archive Storage can either sit on our high-speed production SAN’s or be stored on our Warm Storage SAN’s using to reduce costs. We can work with you to determine the right location and storage option for you.

Production Storage

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Our Production Storage sits on some of the industry’s best technologies, using INFINIDAT and Dell PowerStore, we have SAN’s located in all our Data Centres.

With over 2 Petabytes of available storage at any given time which means scaling to your needs is simple, fast, and cost-effective.

Cloud Based Storage As A Service

Storage Service

We boast high capacity, highly resilient storage in all our Data Centres. Our cloud-based Storage as a Service can be used for any business case, from offsite backups to full production storage. We ensure your data is kept secure & available, all while being competitively priced.

We’ve partnered with world leaders in storage, backup and replication to provide solutions from INFINIDAT, Dell EMC & Veeam. Whether you need off-site backup, full production storage in the same or geo-separate Data Centre, our STaaS solutions will help you achieve your business goals.

Dedicated Server Hosting

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Powered by Dell, we supply you with full, affordable and secure dedicated server hosting to run your business. Running on a full Dell stack, you can rest assured of the quality and performance of your services. All hosts are Australian-based and can be provisioned quickly to meet your business needs.

We’re a Dell Gold Partner, so we have access to the best pricing and the best service from Dell Technologies to provide our customers with the right solution with the best support.

Virtual Machine Services

Data Centres

Our Virtual Machine services run in a Multitenant environment on our Dell Enterprise Servers. Unlike most other cloud providers, we keep our VM pricing simple. All you need to do is select how much vCPU and vRAM each VM needs. Your VM is then fixed at that price for that spec, and available 24×7. No hidden costs, no bill shock.

All VM’s can take advantage of our local, high speed SAN storage – located in the same Data Centre, with redundant storage available in any of our other Data Centres – you choose where everything sits.

Hosted Servers

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If you are starting a new business, your business is growing, or it’s multisite, or many other things, then hosting your Servers in the cloud may be the right solution for you.

Our Australian-based Hosted Server options are smart, flexible and cost-effective to enable your business to achieve its goals.